• xtcpants

    is it possible to add icons to the icon pack yet?
    i like to use the quick actions, on my phone (on the notification bar / lock screen), and the selection of icons is very limited, i want to add my own.

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  • xtcpants

    i have 4 monitors, and i have chrome on one of my monitors that's not my main monitor.
    i cant get the mouse to move off my main monitor regardless of the cords i try. this is and example of what im trying to do.
    i just want it to click the search bar on crunchyroll

    [email protected] crunchyroll search
    actions.crunchyroll_search = function()
    ms.moveto(1396, -900);
    os.sleep (50);

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  • xtcpants

    @ronCYA the image for the button that launches crunchyroll.com is way over sized for the button is there anyway to make it scale="fit" ?

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