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    There is a what you need in my custom kodi remote controls in this section link text

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    It's not really complicate except for theses controls :

    • All on and Live TV
    • All of and Kodi off
    • Live TV
    • TV Guide

    I'm not sure to understand what you want with theses buttons :

    • 1xApp size/2x App hide : Which app ??
    • Skip back/Forward : it's just seeking of X second, isn't it ?
    • OSD : is it for subtitle ?

    Don't you need to switch language ?

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    Netflix App +

    This remote aim to control Netflix Windows App.
    I'm based on the official remote with more features


    Version : 1.0 (29-09-2015)


    • Enable quick launch button
    • Use back button
    • Add auto-logging processing
    • Add Exit/Shutdown button

    Note about official remote

    I've had to fix some codes

        function update()
            local cpos = get_pos();
    +       if(cpos == nil) then
    +           return;
    +       end
            if(cpos ~= currpos and onChangePos ~= true)then


    All features are numbered and shown on the screenshots below.

    1. Start Netflix : Allow you to start Netflix just by pressing a button on your remote
    2. Back button : Equivalent to click on the little arrow on the top left on the screen when you watch a movie
    3. Sign in automatic : Sometime Netflix ask me to log again. My password is complicate and it's not easy to write it. So this function can be use it when Netflix ask you to sign in
    4. Exit|Shutdown : Allow you to exit Netflix or Shutdown the computer




    • You must have access to Windows Store for installing Netflix App


    Netflix App Setup

    Install Netflix with

    Remote Setup

    Inside the folder "Netflix App", there is a file settings.prop. You must configure the following parameters for having the auto-logging:

    • email: [email protected] (your email account use for login to netflix)
    • password: password (your password account for logging to Netflix)
    • trace: 0 (disable/enable tracing)

    Trust it, check it or go away

    I know, it's not a good idea to enter login/password. So about that, you can do theses things:

    • You can avoid to change the file settings.prop and do not using the auto-logging.
    • looking at the code and try to understand. Just search the code settings.email & settings.password. I use it inside the file core.luafunction Login().


    V 1 : NetFlixApp+.zip


    You can find the project here.

    Written with StackEdit.

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  • yuyuki


    I've develop a custom remote for Kodi for Windows. You find it in the project section. I've made a simple action to launch Kodi.

    Best Regards

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  • yuyuki

    Hi everyone,

    I'm come back from holidays.
    I will fix this this week.

    You can use the previous version until I've fixed it.

    Thank you for your patient.

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    I will try. Thank you for this idea. Honestly, I still wait for a date picker with all rules. The problem with this solution is the maximum number for minutes depend of hour value. If a movie lenght is 1:25:00.the maximum minutes is 59 when hour =0 and 25 when hour =1.

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    Here a screenshot from Yatse.

    You can see above the slider the following line : 00:07:11 / 00:14:48

    00:07:11 can be a text updated with a timer
    00:14:48 is a text with the movie's lenght

    My desire is to add an event OnTap on the text 00:07:11 which shows a timepicker. It's better for seeking into a movie.

    Thank you

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  • yuyuki


    I would like to have a field which display the current position inside a movie like any player.
    When I press on (with onTap event) the control, a dialog appears with the standard android control for changing the time.

    Here are samples :



    Best regards


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    It would be great to keep the same ratio.
    I've already have this problem.
    It would be great to add attribute Width and Height with unit like in CSS.

    Thank you

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