• z0mBy

    Hey Guys,
    the Unified Remote Android App can't find the Server on my Laptop, a Lenovo L450 with Windows 10 Pro x64 on it, since i reinstalled the operating System. My other PC, also with Windows 10, but the 64-bit Home Version is found just fine and connected to.

    I disabled the Windwos Firewall and allowed unified Remote to pass through my Comodo Internet Security Firewall application on UDP/TCP and also IP Protocols. The only strange thing is, that when i manage the Server on my Laptop it shows only the standard loopback interfaces, unlike on my other PC, does this have something to do with the app not being able to discover the Server and do any of you guys have an idea on how to fix it?

    Btw: I already completely reinstalled the server via the guide https://www.unifiedremote.com/tutorials/how-to-completely-reinstall .

    Cheers, z0mBy

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